Family crest rings

We are a professional goldsmith workshop and artist company. We professional engrave

Family crest rings

coat of arms, logotypes, photoes in gold, silver, gemstones . We engrave in all gemstones, typically :

carnelian, onyx, sardonyx, chrysoprases, sapphire, ruby, agathes

We can made everything in : yellow gold,pink gold, white gold, silver.

Our specialties are:

Family crest rings

wedding rings, engagement rings, brooches, pendants, necklaces, rings Coat of Arms

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We are a producer from Poland, we offer an excellent product at an attractive price.

You can make every family crest in any semi-precious or precious stone.

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Family coat of arms

Men's jewelry invariably evokes different emotions. For some it is the expression of their status and elegance, for others badly understood arrogance. Meanwhile, many people do not realize how important it was at the turn of the century.

A brief history of male signings

Once upon a time the male signs were a sign of social status and were used as a specific seal for documents. The signet Family coat of arms was important and was read as the sender of the message. No wonder that the one who wore them was at the same time regarded with great respect. Particularly worthy of note was the gold Family coat of arms ring worn by nobles and greats of the world. Only the Egyptians wore silver or crystal Family coat of arms rings, others decidedly chose their tempting golden glow, which often became an ancestral mark.

The badge of ring signatures is basically the result of postmoment times in which this type of jewelry had the slightest importance and importance, and additionally decorated the toes of people with whom most of the society did not want to have anything to do. Made from mediocre materials, they were associated with a fairytale tackle that was obviously avoided. After years of scandal, the male signs Family coat of arms returned to grace in a changed, noble form and again became a desirable attribute of male style and good taste.

Male signs today Family coat of arms

Just like before, modern men's signs are marked with a sign. Most often it has no family meaning, but its wearing is read in terms of good taste and high social status. One must admit that the gold ring is one of the elements of the male jewelry that draws the most attention, hence the choice of the right should not be hasty.

In the US the most popular are male signs with the prestigious university. This has its social dimension, because not everyone can take a degree, and the distinguished college is in itself a sign that arouses righteous recognition. In Poland, the ring is also experiencing its great return. In the home collection of special memorabilia certainly many young people will find such a treasure. Others can benefit from a rich jewelery offer and find one that will be consistent with their expectations or values. Remember that the ring Family coat of arms sign is not a ring and absolutely can not cause negative associations and feelings. It must be noble and perfect, and at the same time it should not be cheap. The perfect golden signet ring is a kind of sign describing its owner.

Male Signs for everyone? Family coat of arms


Family crest Rings Family coat of arms

Knowing a bit of ringing history, the question arises whether they are reserved for a particular group of men, or whether they can be worn by anyone. Given the fact that contemporary male signs have different styles, it is obvious that there are no electors eligible for his choice. In other words, golden ring is suitable for both elegant, businessman and rockman. Following the trend of men's fashion, it is worth to enrich your jewelry with this unique ring.

Wearing ring marks is a kind of art to learn, or at least comply with some of its root principles. The ring should be matched to our style. So a different man will choose a man who loves classics and elegance, and another will adorn the artist's finger. Do not be afraid of a little extravagance and avant-garde. Male signs decorated with precious stones make only a positive impression, especially if the stone in its color is consistent with a certain garment. Also keep in mind that if the ringtone is to be appropriate, it should harmonize with the other male jewelery such as spinkles. Men who choose gold should necessarily wear a gold ring Family coat of arms Gold Family signet ring

Jubilee male head Family coat of arms

The rich offer of seasoned jewelers allows every man to find the perfect ring sign. Note that contemporary male signs can be completely smooth or gently decorated with engraver. Bolder models may be more expressive and contain clear images. This group of ring signs is dedicated to masters who strongly identify with a sign or group. Hence, we can meet a patriotic gold ring with the emblem. Of course, there are no restrictions on the signs and symbols we can find on ring signs, but it is not worth buying them hastily and without much thought. Let's add that they are an excellent and extremely tasteful gift that can be personalized, and thus one that will begin to mark the course of history on the man's finger.




Family coat of arms family crest rings

Family crest rings Family coat of arms Jewellry

Big Man silver ring with family coat of arms Szeliga full crest with mantling

Big Man silver ring with family coat of arms Szeliga full crest with mantling
Big Man silver ring with family coat of arms Szeliga full crest with mantling

Big Man silver ring with family coat of arms Szeliga full crest with mantling


All made in sterling silver 925. Family crest ring was hand engraved . Coat of arms it is SZELIGA.


Typically weight of this ring is 11-13 g.


Excellent for gift or special occasions.


630,00 zł


Herb Szczecina Sygnet srebrny z herbem Szczecina Ręcznie grawerowany (1)

Herb Szczecina Sygnet srebrny z herbem Szczecina Ręcznie grawerowany (1)
Herb Szczecina Sygnet srebrny z herbem Szczecina Ręcznie grawerowany (1)

Sygnet z herbem Szczecina. Sygnet wykonany w całości ze srebra w próbie 925. Waga sygnetu około 14g.

Herb wykonany perfekcyjnie z największą dbałością o szczegóły. Istnieje możliwość wykonania sygnetów w innej formie, grawerowanie w złocie , w srebrze oraz w kamieniach. W naszej fabryce można naprawdę wszystko.


700,00 zł

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